09 septiembre, 2011


I couldn't agree more with her... This week seemed eternal to me; and it only had four days! But the fact that I'm taking five classes doesn't help either. What I have to say of my College and classes is that I really like Economics and Art, even though I'm not going to major in neither one of them. I wanna be an Engineering, and that's what I'm going to do. 
This week, when I woke up one day I found that I was cold, the air was not that low, so when I went outside I felt that it was freaking cold!!! The last year it wasn't that cold by these days!, the funny thing is that at 2:30 p.m. the sun was burning my arms, inside the car was so damned hot! Imagine to travel under the burning Texas's sun at 2:30 p.m. It was a nightmare; now my left arm is becoming more tanned than the other.

I've been watching Eyeshield21 again, I really, really, really love Hiruma... He's so hot; I think I've got some sort of problem with those kinds of characters. Probably now I can understand my friend's obsession with Goku, of DragonBall; She looooveeed the guy, She even draw him a couple of times!

Talking about drawings I just saw something bizarre the last day; it was so hilarious, it was genderbending from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime, I don't know what the heck I was looking for, but obviously it was not that; I couldn't help but to save them though...

Just a few things I want to point out:
1. Gokudera looks goood! 
2. Bianki scares me...
3. Lambo looks like if she/he is drunk
4. Ryohei looks funny
5. Mukuro and Chrome freak me out... I don't know why, they just do it.
6. I don't see much changes in Squalo... but I do love her/his suit
7. Oh my gosh... Tsuna looks good too!
8. Xanxus looks like taken from one of those adult-only series
9. Dino is such a cute chick (XD)
10. Bel is NOT a cute chick, she/he looks like paranoid or something...
11. I have nothing to say about Shamal... it just creepy...

Wasn't it hilarious? When I saw that I was like: "oh my! What the hell is that?" But I have to admit it: it is a good job, whoever did these drawings, please tell me, so I can give the proper credit and/or if the drawer is angry that I published this, then I think that I'll no choice but to remove them.

I wonder if there are more; how I ended up seeing this is still a mystery
I've never looked for genderbending before...  and certainly I don't think I will, not so soon I mean

Hoped you liked them!

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  1. Tanto tiempo Xandra-san, realmente hecho de menos leerte.
    Luego de leerme las ultimas entradas estoy feliz de que estes bien.

    Y luego de como un año al fin acabe de ver KhR, lo recorde por los dibujos que pusiste, estan geniales.
    Que sexy se ve Tsuna, a veces me hubiera gustado de que fuese chica, aunque eso seria desperdiciar mucho yaoi... asi que mejor no XD.
    A Squalo solo notas el cambien si miras los pechos, junto con Xanxus es de mis parejas favoritas.

    Te dejo otra imagen de Tsuna(ko ?) que me encanta ^^

    y con Hibari

    el video que hiciste de Junjou egoist me gusto, me ha dado ganas de ver junjou de nuevo.

    nos vemos Xandra-san ^^


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