30 junio, 2011

Screw you world, screw you!

Honestly, there are times when I really, really dislike the world... A days ago I wanted to hit myself against a wall, but anyways... Why screw you? well, that's how I feel righ now, not that I will feel the same tomorrow though. 
Bad luck seems to like me since my computer is beggared, crappy computer it just shutted down and now it doesn't want to turn on again, well this is since April or May I think, all my fucking freaking files! (sorry the expression, but it really upsets me), do you know how many files I lost? Imagine near (or more) 200 mangas: Yaoi, Shonen-ai, a couples of Shojo and a pair of Shonen... my beloved animes... my documents, my pictures, my photos! Stupid computer...

I haaaaaaaaaaaave a lot to say but unfortunately (or maybe not... for you...), I don't have the time to do so. Tomorrow I'm leaving home and going to visit a place which is a couples of miles away. It's most likely that I won't have Internet in that place, and if I do, I don't think I would be uploading stuff or doing something that involves all the accounts I have all around Internet...
But it won't too long, I'm coming in one week, so when I return wait for a lot of posts because I don't feel in posting all that together. And because the place I'm going is totally new to me so I'm think I'll take a loooot of photos, so wait that too...

I really don't have too much time, college eats you time... and I haven't even started yet! Imagine how I would be when I start my classes! I'm taking five classes, accidentally I submited six classes, so I asked if I could drop one and not counting it as withdrawal, they say that until the semester doesn't start I can make any changes I want to my schedule, which is a lot of fortune.

Want to know which classes I'm taking?
Well I'm taking Math, Bussiness and Professional communication, English composition, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Art Appreciation... the one I dropped out was Government of The United States. Even when the class (the later) sounded interesting, I did not want to take it this semester, I had a lot to take. Fifteen hours, imagine that! But somehow I think it won't be that hard, I mean, the classes don't sound that difficult... I only hope I'm right. 
I start this August 29, and I still have to see how the heck I'll move from one place to another, because I don't own a car. So I have to take that writing test and the practice test.

I'm soooo borred, honestly sometimes I think I can do something productive with my time, but then I can only ask: What? What I can do? And the answer never comes...

I wanted to make this longer, my mom has been insisting in cleaning the mess I made in my wardrobe and some things more, so I'm running out right now...

And she calls this chatting!
"What the hell are you doing?! stop seeing those monkeys, you know I don't like them, stop watching them! And go and do what I've told you!"
Just one thing... They are not monkeys!!! man... this is how I know there is a god somewhere... And why, oh why if she doesn't like them why she doesn't just ignore them? It is not that hard, you know...

Greetings to Ruku-sama and Ara-san (who I haven't got a new from her or dissapear from Earth since her blog seems death...)

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