11 julio, 2014

Crafts... not really...

I really want to say I've been using my "free" time wisely or some other crap like that; but I haven't.

I wanted to take some summer classes during this summer, to get it out of my back and move on with the rest of my academic life; and after Fall 2013 fiasco, and my utterly lack of time during Spring 2014, I felt the need to, oh, I don't know, make up the classes I didn't take during this spring. Nevertheless apparently Fate had other plans for me. Not that I am one to complain, honestly; though I do have some mixed feelings about it. 

So, let's work around today's title... Well, I've been trying to work around some materials, only to give up half way through, or even before I actually start anything.

It was bothersome; the whole "let's see what I have here, and see what I can do with it" was not going well, not exactly. I mean, it was during that time I realized the amount of crap I have stored within the years. I'm pretty much sure I'll continue making my stash even larger, but meh...

All right, let's move on with the topic at hand.

First on the list: Cross Stitch

I had wanted to create something anime-related; but I didn't want it to be extremely detailed. So I decided to create some sort of bookmark since I already had one of those pre-cut, pre-made ones you can see at Walmart.
 Since I didn't have the grid for it, and was not going to spend who knows how many paper doing it, I created one on Excel, kind of simple, but it works.

My theme? Well, as you can see, it's Fullmetal Alchemist.

At the beginning I was between adding Alfonse in it or not, but I could not find a way to do so (plus, I didn't have the thread colour for it.)
See? Here is the "final" design of the bookmark. Of course, whoever cut this didn't do it uniformly, so I found myself doing some modifications as I went along. 

 Mainly the letters though, since they were the main issue here. But then, I realized I had a huuuge space between "Fullmetal Alchemist" and the rest of the bookmark. And since this couldn't get any worse, I just put the crown and the wings there.

The result? Take a look.

I'm still unsure whether or not this count as a "win" or "epic fail."

I kinda like it, though, but maybe next time I'll cut the Aida cloth myself, because that border looks stupid.

By the way, feel free to use the "pattern", even when I know how dreadful it looks, just give me proper credit.

Second on the list: Origami

I saw this amazing modular pattern online, so I decided to just start doing those silly triangles used for most of the modular origami patterns out there. The result? I now have countless of them, but not the mood to do anything.
The problem is that I just keep on making them. I mean, probably one day they are going to be useful for something. Nonetheless, because making those triangles require little to no thinking effort, I find myself grabbing one piece of paper and just folding it and making even more... all this because I was bored. It was like my mind said "You know what? Forget this, I am bored... let's do more triangles! Oh, how I love making them, they keep me entertained for a while..." 

Even when I have the main distraction called Internet, I still get bored. I have literally lost count of how many of those suckers I have done, since I have another bunch in my room. 

And since I lost interest in that pattern I wanted to do (because it takes forever to get the amount you need), I decided to stick with the normal kind. You know, the one you don't have to attach that many pieces. 

The result? Boxes. Yup, that's what I decided to do: boxes. And some lotus flowers as well, but I have yet to do one. 
Tutorial here
Look easy to do, right? Well, well, they are, actually. The only problem is when doing some sort of "fold" for the base of the box, and the top of the lid. That step is a pain; but after a while, it kind of clicks together, and it finally closes. Of course, not before cursing your ancestors, because you have no idea how to fold it without tearing something apart. 

Third on the list: Tatting

Have I mentioned it before? I don't remember. Either way, I found out this technique by accident during one of my many adventures in Ravelry. Curious, I decided to look it up, and after looking at some of the designs, I decided I wanted to give it a try. 

The first step, was, of course, trying to figure it out where on earth I could get a tatting needle/shuttle. After realizing this art was pretty much dead and few people actually attempted it. I decided to look it up online. At the end, I got a nice set of tatting needles and two tatting shuttles from Walmart. I was ecstatic when I got the notification they had finally arrived at the store. 

The second step involved of me trying to find a nice, easy pattern (after watching several videos on youtube about how-to-start and whatnot). I found a nice flower pattern with clear instructions (and pictures!!!)

But, ehem, because I am rather new to this whole thing, I might have messed up some of the instructions... After that, I tried making a bookmark, but I didn't leave enough thread at the end, so I ran out of it before I could finish the project. And I was so darn close!!! 

So yeah, I am still trying with the needle. Somehow, I find it easier to work with than the tatting shuttle. Maybe because I've grown used to their knitting and crocheting relatives. 

I mean, seriously. Just take a look at both of them:

Shuttle from here     and     Needle from here
How, just how do people make such astounding crafts with tatting shuttles?! I demand an answer!

Fourth on the list: Puzzle

Okay, fine; it might not be "crafty", but hey, why not add it as well? Besides, I did add the words "not really" in the tittle of this thread...

I was visiting some relatives, and my younger cousins had a 550 pieces puzzle someone gave them and that they never actually attempted on finishing. Since there was little to nothing else to do, we decided to do it. 

As we were doing it, it turned out they might have lost one or two pieces because we were unable to find some of the border pieces. Since we couldn't "close it", we went ahead and started filling it in. Well, more or less. My cousin started piecing something that might as well be located somewhere in the middle. 

The end result?

Turns out, my cousin was doing the big bird that is perched in the tree.

Overall, about 30 pieces (give or take) were missing; which means we had about a 95% of the puzzle completed.

I feel sad, though, I was unable to finish the lion (TT^TT).

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