19 septiembre, 2013

Curse you to the depths of hell from where you originated...

Have you ever feel that... urge to seriously injure something/someone? I have. Actually, I'm feeling it right now...

I've been in the middle of a process for a while now; and doing all that paperwork is starting to get into my nerves (and half of it isn't even mine!). Not only that, but I also have to cope with the fact I'm a full-time university student, the last thing I want right now is even more paperwork to fill out. Not to mention I've already got a couple from my own university. So yes, even more paperwork is not welcomed under any means, you can have it all to yourself.

To whatever divine deity (redundancy, anyone?) out there that overlooks humans' affairs, I want to personally ask you, what have I ever done to you? I get life isn't supposed to be easy per se, but just what gave you the right to make my world be surrounded by idiots? I am a closet misanthropist, I do not take it kindly to the fact you sent aid that turned out to be quite useless, thank you for nothing.

Now that that's out of my system, I can say to that people: curse you to the depths of hell you originated from; you can go back home right now, and, for Seth's sakes, Leave. Me. Alone.Got it? I mean, seriously, how hard can it be for certain people to be efficient beings?

I am supposed to be studying right now, so I guess I am being a little bit hypocritical in that aspect, but at least I know what I have on my desk, and what it's in my binders and folders. This people I'm talking about had to be given specific instructions as of where they could find the information they were asking for. Information, that, by the way, had already been sent to them (more than two times, mind you). Isn't their job to organize all that in a neatly, easy-to-access manner? I am far from being a manager, or something related to being a business major, but with all honestly, even when my desk seems to have been struck by a hurricane and a tornado, I do know where the heck my papers are.      

So people, do I have high expectations? Or, maybe, suddenly half of the human population just started to become even more incompetent? It's the XXI century people, surely many of the guidelines companies have need a change. They seem to take pleasure from the fact they are making life even more complicated than it already is. And here I was thinking we were living in a more practical world, apparently, I got it all wrong.

If there is something I learned from my leadership classes is 
1) Communication is important
2) Be sure you know what's going on within your team
3) Talk, personally, with the people having troubles
4) Be clear in what you want. With as much details as possible
5) Always be available, even when you aren't, so people can talk to you and fix whatever needs to be fixed
Among other things of course

And guess what? From that list, almost all of those... let's call them rules of gold, were broken. 
1)Communication? Yeah, right, if they were communicating properly then R.R. Martin loves to let everyone's favorite characters live, House of Hades is getting released next week, Rothfuss is releasing Kvothe's third book next month, and I just won the lottery. Not happening any time soon. I guess I just made my message clear.
2) Knowing what's going on? Ha! That must be the best joke I have heard in a while. The "person in charge" didn't have a flying clue of what the assistant was doing. 
3) Talk personally? Do you know how many times I called the "boss"? Do you know how many of those calls were answered? Do you know how many voice messages I left? Do you know how many of those were answered back? NONE. Absolutely none of them were answered. And so I was left to talk with the assistant, who was making life even worse
4) Be clear. Nope, big fat nope. 
5) Be available. Again, nope. "Sorry, they just left, they are out of the city" "There is a reunion going on right now, call later" "They aren't available right now" 

If I ever see them in person, I swear I will give them a piece of my mind. I am a pacifist person, but they are driving me insane. They managed to bring out that side of me that almost never sees the light. Why? Because, again, I am pacifist person, even though I tend to have some... violent thoughts, I will never, ever, act on them, not even say them out loud as a joke. I am an easy-going, pretty much laid back being (think of me as the real version of Toono Satoru from the Yaoi/Shonen-ai manga Bukiyou na Silent by Hinako Takanaga; yes, I am that expressive, the only thing you'll see is an attempt of a smile (unless I find something extremely funny) and frown), you'll not get a bad reaction from me (you barely will even get one), except, maybe, those sarcastic/snarky comments my mouth delivers before my brain has time to process them, and those "I-don-believe-you-a-single-word" facial expression I get from time to time.

So yeah, this didn't say much about the things I talk about... mostly, just me venting out my frustration. So now that's here, out there, somewhere in the net, I can study for the test I have in quite a couple of hours! Yupi~ 
No, I mean it, I have it in less than 12 hours. And I do need to sleep... Guess I'm not doing it anytime soon


Someone actually read this? Whoa, I admire you. Whoever you might be, good luck. I know my mental state isn't exactly "sane."

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